“The Shalom Church was founded out of doctrinal necessity. It is the first Baptist church in Singapore and Malaysia with a distinct Reformed foundation. The 1689 Baptist Confession is upheld as a teaching basis. Thus the Shalom Church traces her roots back at least to the Puritan and Reformation eras. In an age of ecumenical apostasy, God is raising up churches which will stand firmly on the faith once delivered to the saints. There can be no compromises. There can be no looking back. Shalom Church is Protestant.”

So says Pastor David YAN [pastor of Emmanuel Church, Auckland], who together with a group of students returning from New Zealand, founded the Shalom Church on 5th August 1979.

In 1986, due to the pressing needs of Emmanuel Church, Pastor David YAN returned to Auckland. From 1986 – 1993, the work was carried on by the brothers of Shalom Church, notably Paul CHONG [now pastor of Ebenezer Church] and LAI Man On [a long-time elder]. It was a time where the loyalty and commitment of many to this work were tested. We are thankful to the Lord for keeping us.

In July 1993, WEI En Yi became the second pastor of Shalom Church. After a time of stabilising the work, a new church-planting work was started which later developed into Ebenezer Church, a bilingual-service church.

In 1997, we started helping churches in Bangladesh, while in 1998, the Shalom Christian Media (a not-for-profit literature ministry) was started. In 2000, we moved into the Shalom Premises, just one month short of our 21st anniversary as a church.

Shalom Church celebrates 25 years of God’s goodness and mercy in 2004. We have our ups and downs, and we are not “finished products” yet. BUT the LORD has sustained and strengthened, and it is with our eyes fixed on Him that we move on to the next stage of our life.

“Not unto us, O LORD, not unto us, but to Your name give glory, because of Your mercy, and because of Your truth.”
Psalm 115:1

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