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In the past few years we are thankful to the Lord for the opportunities to avail good, biblical literature to many believers and unbelievers. This was done primarily through the bookroom here as well as openings in churches, conferences and secular events like the World Book Fair (Suntec Exhibition Hall).

Should any who wish to explore the possibility of having a book display by Shalom Christian Media (SCM), you can drop us an email and we’ll get back to you to discuss.


Basically, we would like to keep things simple and hassle free. This is how it usually works for a book display:
  1. A list of books is drawn up, either selected by a church representative or SCM. If the latter, then that list is forwarded to the church to seek its final confirmation before packing in. This list of books can coincide with whatever the topic is currently preached in the pulpit, shared in a cell group, studied in the Sunday School, or dealt with in the conference/seminar.
  2. These books can be held on by your church for 2 weeks, or longer (if longer, please drop us an email to inform).
  3. We would prefer a designated brother or sister in Christ of that church to be the liaison person, managing the display. Else, SCM will come in to manage it.
  4. Once the display is over, SCM will contact the liaison person and we will run through the transaction and collect back unsold books.
  5. We hope the church would announce the book display in advance so that the fellowship will be in tune.


We hope you will make full use of Christian literature as a means to encourage your fellowship to grow in the grace and in the knowledge of our Lord

‘The printed page never flinches, it never shows cowardice; it is never tempted to compromise. The printed page never gets tired; it never gets disheartened. The printed page travels cheaply—you can be a missionary for the price of a stamp. It requires no buildings in which to operate. The printed page works while you sleep. It never loses its temper in discussion. And it works when you are gone from the scene. The printed page is a visitor that gets inside the home and stays there. It always catches a man in the right mood, it speaks to him only when he is reading it. It never answers back and it sticks to the point.’

Ernest C. Reisinger

‘Spurgeon said that, “the sale of irreligious books is a mainstay to the cause of evil”, and “think of the infidel publications of England and what is worse than that – that silly trashy novels, from which people learn all sorts of mischief, and which debauch the mind of England: these things do infinite damage, I believe, to people’s souls and the only way by which we can meet the damaging effect of these books is to scatter good books all over the land.”

Perhaps it is overstating the case a little to say that good books are the only way to meet the damage but when we consider the amount of evil and wickedness on sale in every bookshop in our land, we should do something to fight back. On the church bookstall we fight evil literature with good literature. Perhaps only when we get to heaven will we learn of the vast amount of good that ha been done by good Christian literature. The Evangelical Times has been running a series about “the book that changed me” and the Holy Spirit frequently uses the written word to change people. John Wesley found the faith he so much longed for while listening to the reading of Luther’s commentary on Romans. George Whitefield was awakened to his need by reading The Life of God in the Soul of Man by Henry Scougal. When we think of the good God did though these two men we will see how far the influence of good literature can extend.

The church bookstall is there to serve the church. Our intention is to provide aids for your understanding of scripture, for your spiritual growth and for your efforts to reach the lost. Although space is limited we endeavour to stock a selection of titles by biblically sound authors of good reputation to help you in all areas of your spiritual life. However for these to be of any benefit to you they must be read. Mark Twain said, “The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.” The best of books if never read will do nobody good. So if you have been benefited by reading a book, tell us all so others can gain the same benefit. (if you can’t afford it borrow it from someone who can). If you look at the bookstall and do not see anything of interest to you, don’t go away muttering to yourself, tell us that too and we will see if we can supply what you need.

So don’t waste all your spare time on occupations which will only have benefit in this life. Spend some of it reading good books which may not only do you good for all eternity but through your influence others also. Please don’t ignore the bookstall because you don’t enjoy reading and find it hard going. We stock an increasing number of books written specially for the unbeliever which you might find useful to give to those whose lost condition is a burden on your heart.

Last but not least, please pray that God will use these books for all our benefit and for the extension of His kingdom, for such is to His glory.

Jean Eldred in Kingston Link,
the magazine of Kingston Evangelical Church, Hull, UK
(Reprinted in Banner of Truth magazine, 364, p.27)
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