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Preface - In this helpful work, Dennis Gundersen addresses one of a Christian parent’s greatest dilemmas – should you take your child’s profession of faith at face value? Is it a real conversion or is it possible your child is deceived? You wrestle with so many questions – if you convey any doubts, will you turn this little one away from Christ? What exactly are you to say, if you want to proceed with both wisdom and hope? This book is biblically balanced and practical in its approach to tackling the issues that come with a child’s profession of faith. Don’t miss this!

Publisher - Grace and Truth

Special Price - S$8.50

Reformation Today

Reformation Today is a bi-monthly journal. The magazine is founded on the London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689, and links together those who are concerned to see reformation in our churches, and an appreciation of our reformed and puritan heritage.

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